Our Mission

Mission Statement

"Developing lifetime livelihoods that free

families from poverty to realize their God given potential."


Providence International Enterprises, Inc. is a tax exempt 501c3 charitable and humanitarian organization. Providence was founded in 2000 by Robert Lincoln Hancock, a career business/ministry developer who has had 45 years of experience in the formation and development of numerous micro-finance organizations including Enterprise Development International and Opportunity International both founded by Dr. Paris Reidhead, veteran missionary and business man. Hancock served as President/CEO and Executive Director of Enterprise and Opportunity respectively in their formative years.

Providence is designed to accelerate development of lifetime livelihoods that free families from poverty to forge a future with hope. Providence is a values led micro-finance and small business development non-profit (501c3) organization that operates with busines principles and best practices.


To provide the opportunity for at-risk people to develop their God-given potential and become productive contributing citizens.


Our Core Values

Stewardship that multiplies job and income generation

Prosperity that comes from work and free enterprise

Freedom from dependency

Training for responsibility and integrity

Employers that create jobs

Employees that are valued

Reinvesting to multiply the blessings of livelihoods for a lifetime