Business Partnerships


Providence extends the opportunity for businesses that share our vision and values to benefit from partnership in three categories:

1.Cause Related Marketing Partnerships
      Providence has a number of businesses which benefit by association from our high profile search engine optimization, media exposure, and distinctive leverage as one of the most businesslike charities in the world. Businesses and Providence can co-brand and link to market partner's products and services as cause-related to enhance sales and/or a corporate compassion image. These businesses contribute a % of sales, equity, quarterly and annual % of profits, etc.
Here are samples of a few such partnerships:

 Datawise, Inc

Blue Lake Power

2. Emerging Markets Business Expansion Partnerships
      Providence offers through one of its business partners, Stewardship Services, LLC , the opportunity for investment in the form of loans for expansion of established and proven Agriculture sector business enterprises in developing nations. The enterprises range from ethanol plants to integrated pig, goat, fish, and Ag commodity production, equipment and transportation with unlimited low cost labor and leased land with access to water and proven markets. These are 18 month $50-100K loans with a 10% yield with quarterly interest payments. A standard full disclosure statement /disclaimer for doing business in foreign countries applies. Providence’s larger scale projects all have seasoned experienced business management in place expanding current business models that are generators for Providence’s matching dollars for micro projects around the world.
Inquiries may be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3. Business Services Consulting and Partnership Development: 

     This new division features a treasured resource of seasoned successful business people who volunteer some of their time to add value to our current and prospective business partners success.  Services initially are for expansions and turnaround businesses only.  Services are by contract and in some cases sweat equity, % of sales or profits donated to Providence.