Your Partnership with PROVIDENCE provides

Livelihoods for a Lifetime

Did you know you can start a livelihood business for two families in one year for just $100?

  • Your contribution has a global impact through PROVIDENCE International’s  Family Livelihood Loan Project sponsorships.
  • An average micro-enterprise sponsorship of $100, or $8.33/month, provides a family with a loan and livelihood for a lifetime.
  • Business training + mentor support + loan = income and sustainability for a lifetime.
  • The average size micro-finance loan is $100 and the payback averages 97%.
  • One contribution of $100 is multiplied in revolving loan funds:

Loan repayment averages 6  months for each family enterprise.

Year 1—2 families      Year 4—8 families    Year 7---14 families

Year 2—4 families      Year 5—10 families  Year 8---16 families

Year 3—6 families      Year 6—12 families   Year 9---18 families

Year 10--20 families

You FREE 20  families from poverty with $100

and provide them with a livelihood for a lifetime

for a cost of $5 per family or $1 per family member.

Your support of PROVIDENCE’s Livelihood projects and family sponsorship multiplies to bless the nations and see the transformation of people’s lives to a future with hope.

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